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Interview with former CNN, CNBC Anchorman Mike Hayes :
How I Sold $1 Million+ in Coaching Services

Discover Strategies that you Too Can Use to Increase Your Credibility
& Visibility
with the Help of the "New Media,"Even if You Are on a Tight Budget!

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Mike Hayes is the founder of Keys to Success In Action,  - where he  helps his clients Learn Proven Media
Marketing Shortcuts to Promote Your Coaching Business on a shoestring budget... 

In the past Mike interviewed giants like Oprah, Tony Robbins, Donald Trump.... and in this interview you'll find out how you can be the next to be interviewed by him...

  • Discover several powerful ways to boost your credibility
  • Find out how to get on multiple - potentially hundreds of - national radio stations
  • Discover a FREE Strategy that'll Boost Your Credibility & Trust Factor, and put your client-attraction almost on autopilot
  • And much more...

If you have questions about any of the content, Mike provides you with his eMail address in the video... you can also post questions on this page, if you have questions directed to me (E.G. Sebastian)

Enjoy! :)

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In a Hurry!? Here's What Was Covered in this Video:

*- I used ALL CAPS in several places throughout the Table of Content to highlight CRUCIAL PARTS that I’d like to bring to your attention...

Minute 0:00 - Meet Mike Hayes - brief intro

1:15 - There's a "Great Media Shift" and how you can benefit from it... and even "become the media"

2:29 - How Mike helps life coaches, authors, speakers, and other solo-preneurs you improve their credibility and get massive visibility

4:45 - Capitalize on your book and get a professional media presence... OR get help getting started creating your book

5:45 - Should you use media - radio, TV, YouTube, podcasting, etc. - to promote your coaching services?

7:50 - Create "Audio Books" easily, with a free service, to increase your credibility and draw your potential client into your world

9:31 - Use your professionally designed "signature graphics" on your LinkedIn profile, eMail signature, and on all your marketing materials

9:50 - How to boost your credibility by adding the "As Featured on CNN, CBS, CNBC..." logos on your website

12:00 - Separate yourself from your competition with these simple-to-implement strategies

16:39 - Recording segment from 7-Figure-Income-Earner, Greig Wells, regarding how this can help you boost your business' success

18:39 - There are two ways to get the "Featured on..." logos

22:08 - Find your ideal clients... the Importance of "Lead-Generation" - the process of getting in front of those who need your services

25:20 - How Mike can help you identify your ideal clients and generate leads (free info or paid service)

31:54 - KNOW YOUR "NUMBERS"! Understand how much it costs you to attract a client...  Understand how many leads and how many clients you get through your advertisment and/or your marketing efforts (your time-investment can also be quantified in $$$s - how much time do you invest to get One Client!?)

34:09 - Capitalize on your Own Story to attract clients... get media attention...  (Mike helps his clients create their Signature Story - or a Client-Attracting Story that makes your ideal clients Want to Get to Know You and do business with you)

37:30 - If you are a newbie...

40:10 - Sample of a Signature Graphic to use on your LI profile, eMail Signature, and other marketing material (clickable graphic that goes to a short audio snipet that engages your ideal client and invites them into your world... or to a complimentary session... or a freebie...)

 44:04 - SUSCCESS STORY: How THE POWER OF WORDS - the right marketing message - can transform your business... or keep it struggling...

49:55 - "PERCEPTION IS REALITY!" E.G.'s story of how he turned around his struggling coaching business by putting in place crucial credibility and trust elements...

51:19 - Contact info for Mike - get a free coaching session with him (contact him, find out if he still available)

53:52 - Example of how one of Mike's clients transformed his business + Audio snippet of the client's testimonial

1:00:39 - If you need help with your "audi book" or podcast....

1:06:01 - Understand the Power of Words - create a message that will get you hired

1:07:01 - Use digital information products internationally

 1:09:05 - Quick Example of How to use Podcasting Strategies - or the Audio Book strategy Mike shared - to gain credibility and attract your ideal clients to your services

1:11:35 - Clarifying question on how to implement these strategies - what content should be used in your "Audio Book" / Signature Audio Book?

1:12:45 - Create a series of Audio snippets to create engagement - use this service to create your series...


1:20:40 - Get to the cash - ATTRACT YOUR CLIENTS - in the shortest time, with least effort

1:22:00 - HOW CAN MIKE HELP YOU GET YOUR MESSAGE OUT... Help you create your Signature Audio Message / Audio Book AND show you how to GENERATE LEADS AND CONVERT THEM INTO CLIENTS

1:27:50 - Maximize your client-attraction efforts, so you can spend more time on self-care and with your loved ones...

1:29:23 - Invite Mike for a free consult...

Next Steps...

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    (make sure to take him up on the FREE Coaching Session Offer!)

  • Post questions below, if you have questions to E.G.
  • Hang in there, keep implementing... and keep an eye out for the next training video :)

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