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1) - Understand that there is more to Business Success than knowing the steps and applying them "blindly" - you need to have the right Mindset - and that is what will help you implement this info correctly! Much of that is addressed throughout the video;

2) If you are already certain you got the Mindset, Use the Table of Contents under the video to hop to the parts that you think you need!

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Case Study VIDEO - Table of Contents*

In a Hurry!? Here's What Was Covered in this Video:

*- I used ALL CAPS in several places throughout the Table of Content to highlight CRUCIAL PARTS that I’d like to bring to your attention...

Minute 0:32 – What this video is about

1:43 – QUICK NOTE – This is More than JUST a dry Case Study (find out what more)

2:58 – Meet Lisa – the struggling coach whose story we’ll follow

3:47 – The Client-Attraction activities Lisa was engaged in, BUT did not produce results for her…

5:15 – Why we often lose clients too early

5:48 – Change your mind-set about SELLING your coaching service

6:20 – Take emotions out of selling your coaching services!

8:10 – Coaching Packages sell EASIER than month-to-month coaching (find out WHY and How to sell ‘em more effectively)

9:05 – quadruple the number of your paying coaching clients by offering a MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE

11:13 – “Hired a business coach” – WHAT TO WATCH OUT FOR when hiring a coach to help you grow your business and attract clients

12:38 – Do an online search on the name of the person you want to do business with (potential client, jv partner, mentor, coach, etc.)

13:40 – Build on your areas of strengths, certifications, etc. to your advantage

14:35 – You don’t need any fancy experience or fancy certifications to be(come) a great coach; but…


16:19 – LEAD GENERATION Definition… and WHY you should become a pro at “Lead Generation” – or at attracting your ideal clients into your world; and HOW can it be done most effectively

17:14 – YOUR WEBSITE’S MOST IMPORTANT ELEMENT: The Headline – find out why…. And how to create a good one

18:00 – Website Slider strategies – how to make them work for you to get clients with that web element

20:26 – Use your text (web copy), bullet points, etc. Wisely on your website’s home page (especially on the upper “fold” – the area that your site visitors see instantly)

21:08 – CALL TO ACTION – Invite to FREE or COMPLIMENTARY Coaching Session

21:49 – GET MORE CLIENTS by having your potential clients APPLY for coaching (even for the complimentary session – a great way to weed out freebie seekers)

22:34 – SUPER STRATEGY to attract your ideal clients into your world… connect with your ideal clients and start building a strategy


24:50 – How I got Lisa to hire me as her Business-Development and Marketing Coach

25:15 – Give a CONDITIONAL Money Back guarantee – what is it… and why should you give one (HINT it’ll more than quadruple the number of your clients who’ll hire you)

26:44 – “Fill out Diagnostic Assessment to find out What Lisa had business success elements in place and what she lacked… and what she needed to start working on right now!”

27:20 – MyClientAttractionAcademy telling you step-by-step how to build your business

29:09 – “I got a clear idea on what Lisa needed to adjust…”

29:29 – Start with the foundation elements…


30:59 – ELEVATOR PITCH STRATEGIES - It’s not enough to have a beautiful Elevator Pitch – it needs to have certain elements in it that will elicit an emotion in your potential client and spur them to action

33:00 – LESSONS We Learned that guide us – OR MISGUIDE US!?

33:43 – THERE ARE TWO TYPES OF COACHES (one of them makes more money and can get clients way easier)

34:38 – BECOME KNOWN AS THE “GO-TO-COACH” IN YOUR NICHE… and earn more and get clients easier

36:05 – YOUTUBE VIDEO STRATEGIES – Attract 100s or 1000s of leads and convert them into clients… or sales (to your membership site, home study course, your book, etc.)

36:15 – One of E.G.’s videos has 200,000+ views – pretty cool, ey J

37:18 – You can EASILY create YouTube videos – YOU ALREADY HAVE ALL THE SKILLS YOU NEED!

39:14 – Get a copy of E.G.’s book, Communication Skills Magic – it’ll help you tremendously in being a more effective coach (and spouse, parent, etc.)

39:45 – E.G.’s way of teaching client attraction is NOT for everyone!

40:21 – YOU DON’T HAVE TO PICK A NICHE, if you are not ready for it… BUT here’s what you do INSTEAD, and still get clients way way easier…

40:41 – People have real problems – offer them coaching with their specific problem!


41:39 – Smart coaches know how to get in front of their ideal clients…

42:00 – In the real world, the lines between Accountability Coaching and Mentor Coaching (or teaching) often blur

42:44 – IT’S POSSIBLE TO BECOME “CRAZY SUCCESSFUL” Even as a General Life Coach… Here are a few ways how…

44:17 – When you are “lazy” to do the “Hard Work,” you’ll end up doing way way WAY HARDER WORK!


46:12 – Are you capitalizing on your existing circles of influence? Do you have a “platform” that you are not capitalizing on….?

47:21 – If you have a “Broad Niche” or NO Niche, it’s hard to attract clients, IF you don’t have access to a platform who could hire you… But help is on the way…

48:10 – STEP 1: Create a Vision Statement for your business – Lisa’s Vision statement(s) that finally helped her focus on the clients WHO CAN AFFORD HER AND WANT TO HIRE HER

51:39 - STEP 2: Determine whether you Can Easily Find where your Ideal Clients Hang Out

53:28 – BINGO

53:47 – We often disregard our strengths... and don’t capitalize on them



55:03 – If you are considering embracing the niche of Business Coaching or Marketing Coaching REMEMBER THIS…!

56:11 - Step 3: Use your vision statement and “massage” it into a short elevator pitch

57:18 - Step 4: Tweak your vision statement (or Elevator Pitch) into a great headline for your website … Or create a brand new headline, inspired by your vision statement

57:37 - Step 5: Developed a sub-headline, to support the headline!

58:10 - Step 6*: Engage website visitor – IF S/HE IS YOUR IDEAL CLIENT to raise her hand and say “I Need Your Help!” -- Based on the focus you gained through the previous steps, CREATE YOUR FREEBIE– or Opt-in Offer – that you could give away to your ideal clients

58:35 - Step 7: Sign up for an autoresponder* service (NOT YET, IF you are not ready! Also find out which one to avoid )

*-- I recommend www.aweber.com/ – best service and best features at best price. There are others that are cheaper – or even free – but they are missing features that you need badly. If you also need a shopping cart and perhaps affiliate management software, I recommend www.1ShoppingCart.com/ . www.MailChimp.com is FREE, BUT it does NOT have a sequential autoresponder – you can’t send out an eCourse or multi-part messages – you have to send out everything manually, which I’m highly against. You should automate as much of your marketing efforts as humanly possible.

58:37 – THE PRIMARY PURPOSE OF YOUR WEBSITE IS TO GENERATE LEADS (!) – that is, to attract your ideal clients into your world… to connect with you(!)

59: 52 – AUTOMATE YOUR NEWSLETTER! (and as much of your marketing as humanly possible)

1:00:00 – Get tutorials from E.G. on how to add an autoresponder to your website

1:00:24 – IF YOU DON’T HAVE A WEBSITE YET, Talk to E.G. BEFORE you build a website!

1:00:52 – Lisa’s Transformed website, with CLEAR HEADLINE, Clear, focused Sub-Headline – both that engage her ideal client; Video with call to action (cost us $15.00); CALL TO ACTION to invite her Ideal Client to Sign Up for her Freebie

1:02:26 – RECAP of all the ELEMENTS we put in place and how we USED EACH to Build Each Subsequent Element of Her Business(!)

1:03:03 – Build your image as a Professional Coach

1:03:20 – It’s Not enough to be a skilled coach, you also need to be SEEN AS ONE!


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