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How to Become Known as a 

Credible and Trusted Professional Coach

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VIDEO #1 - Table of Contents*

In a Hurry!? Here's What Was Covered in Video #1...

*- I used ALL CAPS in several places throughout the Table of Content to highlight CRUCIAL PARTS that I’d like to bring your attentions to

Minute 1:05 – Important Info before you get started
2:30 – Reminder: - video will be up for next 10 days or so
2:57 – Why am I providing you this detailed 6-part training?
5:30 – 3 Reasons why What You Do Might NOT Work!)
6:55 – Tactical vs. Strategic Marketing (the importance of a Strategic Approach)
8:26 – “Attracting coaching clients doesn’t have to be hard!”
10:21 – Coaching is Like Fishing! (wrong bait, wrong place, wrong time…? NO fish!)
11:39 – Your potential clients are looking for you NOW! Will you be able to get in front of the?
12:40 – FOUR REASONS why you are NOT getting hired as a coach
14:17 – The importance of TRUST Elements in your life coaching – in any other type of coaching business
14:42 – There are 6 ELEMENTS you need to put in place to Build a Successful Life Coaching Business
15:17 – The #1 MOST IMPORTANT Element of your Life Coaching Business
15:20 – The #1 Obstacle to Attracting Coaching Clients
15:43 -  Know WHERE your ideal client hangs out… and the importance of it
16:46 – Know WHAT your ideal client want – what are their Challenges, Pain, Strong Desires…
17:21 - Info on your Client-Attracting Marketing Schedule and Social Media Calendar
17:41 – You can Start Attracting New Coaching Clients IF/WHEN you have a few Crucial Foundation Elements in place…
18:15 – The SIX Life Coaching Business-Success Elements (also a “Business-Health Diagnostic Tool”)
22:35 – The #1 AREA Most Coaches STRUGGLE with & Questions to ask yourself to overcome this challenge
23:44 – (HOW to) Create a VISION STATEMENT for your Life Coaching Business, and how it’ll help you EASILY put in place at least Half a Dozens of your crucial marketing puzzle pieces in place
30:49 – The two crucial elements of a good Vision Statement for your coaching business
31:07 – Examples of Marketing Elements that you’ll have READY once you have a Vision Statement
31:26 - Picking a Niche AND Target Market – that is choosing your ideal client – becomes effortless
32:49 – NOT READY TO PICK A NICHE!?  There are ways to be Successful, even if you are NOT ready for a Niche… yet 
33:37 – The #1 Way to Monetize Your Life Coaching Business EVEN IF You Don’t have a Niche
34:26 – The story of my 1st paying client – a business owner who needed a general life coach/accountability coach
35:21 – The THREE “PRE-REQUISITES” – OR Important Factors to consider – when DECIDING about WHO to ATTRACT as CLIENTS for your life coaching business… this will DETERMINE HOW YOU’LL MARKET your coaching business
37:37 – Easily CREATE YOUR ELEVATOR PITCH… based on your Vision Statement (that we talked about earlier)
38:25 – My (E.G. Sebastian’s) 1st niche
38:51 – Some create their elevator pitch FIRST and create Vision Statement based on that
38:58 – 10 MORE MARKETING ELEMENTS that you’ll EASILY CREATE for your life coaching business Based on your vision statement
39:13 – The most IMPORTANT ELEMENT when people come to your Life Coaching website
40:20 You’ll be able to Easily create…
- - Freebies that you’ll give away to attract coaching clients (Your Opt-in Offer – let me know if you need help with this – it’s a crucial element)
-- Article and Blog Post titles
-- Topics to share on social media
-- direction for creating your website content
-- webinar titles and topics
-- product ideas and titles of products that you might want to develop
-- eBook and book titles that you might want to publish…
42:18 – Download your CHECKLIST under the video to help you Implement the Foundation Elements mentioned in this video
42:30 – Short preview of what’s coming in Video #2
43:07 – MORE RESOURCES to help you Implement these concepts (some free some paid)
45:19 – Get Access to your 6-Part Study Plan
46:05 – Titles of additional resources to help Gain Credibility and Trust
46:37 – Preview of Video #3 and video titles of resources to help you Gain Massive Visibility
47:50 – How to grow your coaching business even faster than you’d do with a Business Coach, but WITHOUT the hefty cost
48:55 – Test-Drive myClientAttractionAcademy for a full 30-Days…
49:29 – WHAT you’ll get help with if you join our ONGOING COACHES’ SUPPORT Calls
53:43 – Why I’m Providing Affordable Resources to Coaches (AND small business owners); as well as affordable training (my story of quitting my job in my early 20s and becoming homeless in the process… and making multiple six-figure income by age 27)

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